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Ultrasound Scanner
Sperm Analysis
Electronic Colposcope
Infrared Mammary Gland Detector
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Major examination items:
Composition of sperm fluid: epithelia, red blood cells and leucocytes detection
Number: malformed sperms ,head malformation, tail malformation ,body malformation, mixed malformation
Malformation rate
Sperm volume sperm smell PH value of sperms
Automatic detecting items:
Curve movement-average velocity, total number of sperms in curve movement, activity rate of curve movement
Straight line movement- average velocity, total number of sperms in straight line movement, active sperm number in straight line movement, activity rate of straight line movement 

Average path movement: average path velocity, average path total sperm number
Statistic of sperm velocity grades: grade a- fast forward activated rate, grade b- slow forward activated rate, grade c- nonforword movement rate, grade d- extremely slowly or no motion rate
sperm density linear speed amplitude of sperm swing
sperm swing number of sperms in straight line movement sperm whipping frequency
Straight line movement rate total number of sperm testing time
average movement angle of sperm

Product description
Standard configuration
Main unit 1set
CCD camera 1 set
Microscope 1 set
Microscope analysis software 1 piece
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