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Digital Electronic Colposcope
SPD-1 is the newest style of Shengpu Medical. It acquires optical impression of gynae by numeral science and supports real time dynamic image processing functions such as zoom in/out, frozen, acquisition, video playback, automatic focusing.

Product features
High resolution, high definition color digital CCD camera 
Video and S-Video output
Case report form with image
Case and image database to assist diagnosis
Circle LED cold light of high brightness and no shadow
Dynamic digital automatic focusing
Software features:
Case report
Specialized case database for diagnosis
High quality light source and strong magnifying power to detect details of disease focus
Standard configuration:
Main unit 1set
CCD camera
Video acquisition card 1 piece
Analysis software 1 piece
Packing case
Optional parts:
Color printer
Solar battery: Last 20 hours after sunlight charge
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